Peter Kutin (AT)

  • Tuesday, 2. October
  • 22:00-22:30
  • Nordbahnhalle
Ventil Rec

is a producer, composer, media artist. He realised a wide variety of works within the field of contemporary advanced electronic music and cross media and has cooperated with musicians, composers, theater- and film-directors as well as investigative journalists.


presents ‘TORSO’
The starting point for TORSO was a sound installation for public space in which the apparatus of the Klapotetz was diverted. A Klapotetz is a kind of windmill, which generates both airborne and structure-borne noise and thereby is able to scare away animals. In the installation, it was the politically driven fear that Kutin wanted to displace by a rotating loudspeaker system – ‘The Antifacist Klapotetz’.