Martina Menegon

  • Friday 13.9.2019
  • Steinergasse 8
Exhibition / Installation

“Menegon creates intimate and complex assemblages of physical and virtual elements that explore the contemporary self and its synthetic corporeality.”


Martina Menegon will premiere her work familiar strangers (2019)

“familiar strangers” is a multimedia installation that investigates the concept of avatar as mask, of identity in a social media context and, even if face recognition is not the latest trend, of surveillance in today’s society. It consists of a a real-time face tracking simulation and a series of collected video of users wearing the face filter “familiar stranger” (2018), currently available on instagramfacebooksnapchat and snap camera. When one (or more) face is detected, a virtual mask substitute the user(s) face, following the head movements and rotation but hiding facial expressions. The mask is a 3D scanned self portrait of the artist, that user(s) are free to wear, experience and share, while remaining themselves yet becoming someone else, a familiar stranger.



The project is realised with the participation of: Silvia Napolitano, Eric Souther, Dooley Murphy, Ullrike Kreu, Yvana Samandova, Riccardo Muffato, Agnes Varnai, Matteo Corbetta, Flaminia Cavallari, Carlotta Cavallari, Luisiana Di Filippo, Flavia Maffei, Emanuela Casali, Eleonora Pisano, Beatrice Pisano, Rachele Pisano, Elisabeth Aurora Kihlstrom, Franziska Von Guten, Cesare Gori, Stefano D’Alessio, Gabriel Roland, Martina Schöggl, Mariya Vasilyeva, Charlie Allen, Elena Richtsfeld, Luana Martignon, Ilaria Coletti, Erica Lapadat Janzen, Ana Loureiro, Gabriella Chihan Stanley, Alexander Martinz, Raphael Haider, Julia Fischerin, Sarah Röth, Yvana Samandova, Systaime / Michael Borras, Dori Alba Granzotto, Gretta Louw, Anna Schwarz, Saleh Rozati, Beatrice Boschiero, Jakob Sigl, Danny Rhymes, Matteo Visentin, Felix Helmut Wagner