In the Abissity of the Grounds (US/DE/AT)

  • Friday, 12. October
  • 21:00-22:30
  • Arena

Calling the ghost of the underworld – free-jazz formation of legendary singer Linda Sharrock, saxophonist Mario Rechtern and guitarist Max Bogner.

guest musicians in Arena are: Eric Zinman (piano), Royl Culbertson (slide guitar and ect.), Eric Arn (guitar), Vid Drasler (drums), Silvan Repeter (e-drums), Christian Hummer (piano), Sofi Fatouretchi (violin), Paul Gr├╝ndorfer (electronics), Utku Tavil (electronics amplified snair drum), Martina Cizek (reeds), Maria Koller (lyrics), Adam Goodwin (double bass), Andreas Hellweger (drums), Philip Leitner (electronics)