Georg Nussbaumer (AT)

  • Tuesday, 2. October
  • 19:30-20:30
  • Nordbahnhalle

is a composer, that works with music instruments that he turns into installations. He uses a variety of organic and inorganic materials, as well as machines, video or living animals.


Premiere, composition for violoncello, live-electronics, archer

Stefanie Prenn – Violoncello
Roland Volk – Bogenschütze
Robert Schwarz – Elektronik

Based on “bogenübung” – a composition which is looking for the relationships between bowed instruments and archery (bow, wood, bipartite, animal materials) and between the corpus of the violoncello and the human body. The piece consists of a series of arrow shots on a violoncello. The archer copies portrayals of St. Sebastian – from Albrecht Dürer to the Muhammad Ali Esquire cover by George Lois.