Black Page Orchestra (AT)

  • Dienstag, 2. Oktober
  • 20:30-22:00
  • Nordbahnhalle

plays STEFAN PRINS “Generation Kill – Offspring #1”, DAVID BIRD “Drop”, ALEXANDER KHUBEEV “Ghost of Dystopia” and “Journal” by SARAH NEMTSOV. The BPO is an ensemble for radical and uncompromising music of current times, focussing on compositions using electronics, video, different technologies and performative concepts.



conductor: Thomas Moore
Flute: Alessandro Baticci
Clarinet / Saxophones: Florian Fennes
Trombone: Daniel Riegler
Piano / Keyboard: Elnaz Behkam
Accordion: Bojana Popovicki
Percussion: Igor Gross
Violins: Sofie Thorsbro Dan, Fani Vovoni, Joaena Hyewon Ryu, Lana Trimmer
Viola: Rafal Zalech, Flora Marlene Dorothea Scourge
Violoncello: Maiken Beer, Urh Mrak
Double bass: Juan Pablo Trad Hasbun
Electronics: Matthias Kranebitter
Sound Director: Florian Bogner