Alexander Martinz

  • Friday 13.9.2019
  • Steinergasse 8
Exhibition / Installation

Alexander Martinz works as composer, musician and media artist in Vienna. He is interested in the different logics and traditions of time based-media as well as their correlations. Complex transformations of popcultural material can be considered a foundation of his work.


Alexander Martinz will exhibit I think we have something in common (2015-2017)

“i think we have something in common” is a modular multimedia work examplifying the transformation and extension of a given structure through a feedback system. It is an ongoing project that isolates intimate parts of the human body and recomposes them digitally. The audiovisual results get published at: where they become part of the pornographic maelstrom. The necessary profile, its avatar, the comments and interactions are a vital, ever-developing part of the project. They shed light on certain forms of discourse, the codes of the text and the zoning of the system.