Robert Schwarz



[Gruenrekorder /A]

Viennese architect, sound artist and composer Robert Schwarz works in the intersection of architecture, sound and fine art in various artistic and experimental settings. He holds a Master of Architecture degree from Vienna University of Technology, and a Master of Arts from Berlin University of the Arts and studied computer music at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.

His installation works have been presented at museums and festivals such as Ars Electronica, Club Transmediale Berlin, Singuhr Hörgalerie, MAK Center for Art and Architecture Los Angeles, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, TONSPUR Vienna, and Kunsthalle Vienna.
Together with Christoph Meier, Lukas Stopczynski and Andreas Bauer he built and run a replica of the Viennese ”Loos Bar” called ”Los Bar” in Los Angeles as a speak easy, social sculpture and platform of a local art and performance scene during summer 2015, complimented by the New York Times, LA Weekly, Flash Art and others. Currently they are working together again on their own version of the Viennese ”Strohkoffer” in Brussels Etablissement d ́en Face till the end of october 2017.

He released compositions on the labels Laton, Kinderkreuzzug, Vienna Wildstyle Recordings, Sonic Terrain, AVA and Gruenrekorder. His current LP ”Double Negative” will be released by Gruenrekorder on october 15.