HYPER PISS is master of the HIRNTRUST GRIND MEDIA universe and
head and founder of HIRNTRUST and HIRNPLATZT. As pa-slaughter,
audio-shredder always available for the musicaly extraordinary, from
bulldozing and corpse-grinding sound destruction till 0bpm random noise
terror & breakcore.

“HIRNTRUST is an independent 1-man record label currently
operating from Linz/Austria, focusing on limited vinyl and tape releases.
Experimental electronics, noise, cut-up scum, broken beats filth,
grindcore, dub-destruction, death-rap and noisecore karaoke blasts.  Every
kind of horrible noise and distorted, tortured, spastic music is

“HIRNPLATZT is a limited run print magazine, dedicated
to underground comics, illustrations, drawings, collages,
photos, scrapbook scum and other visual vomit.”

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