Stirn Prumzer aka Christopher Sturmer


The sceneries of STIRN PRUMZER (Christopher Sturmer) result from an attempt to create a complex and organic Gesamtkunstwerk: It’s goal is to demask a  desolate reality, which has lost every claim for truth. He composes dense images, which provoke a dialectical flickering of cruel and beautiful, discomforting and amusing, surreal and archaic. This multilayered form of reception is rendered possible by the excessive lust for formal freedom. Instead of going down the drain in suicidal artistic affliction, Stirn Prumzer is hitting the vital side of the extremes: the empowerment of various art forms, resulting in a crude mixture of concert, masquerade and exhibition that is put into new contexts.


Regular collaborators are Kurt Prinz, Fuckhead, Rokko Anal & The Coathangers, Bulbul, Atzgerei, Patrik Lechner, Asfast and Birgit Rampula.


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