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It is uncertain what the Metal Mangs are. Greater than the sum of the parts. Creations, which, though at first dependent entirely on an external will for their existence, eventually develop identities of their own. Piggy, Hello Kitty Tabernacle, Orbis Trium Grill, Secretary, Piglet, Stehpig, Magician, et al. Centithorpal Resonating Three-dimensional Masses. Tuned visually more than aurally and imperfect (relative to musical instruments) by their individual natures, Mangs obey no scales, but rather can be called through rhythmic and textural interaction to wake from silence.

Defying mistakes in approach to playing, every possible sound one can elicit from a Mang is just that; a sound. Exploration necessarily creates pathways, which can be well expressed by way of concert. Ideally, the Mangs function visually while being silent or being played. The sounds produced by the Mangs, however, are best understood independent of their visual nature, as a soundtrack to an inner vision.

A Project by artist and musician Royl Cubertson.

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