bunny’n’d’blonds aka Sara Glaxia & CAmilla Green


Bunny and the blond is a fictional band formed by Sara Glaxia’s alter ego “bunny” leaning a trace of sound through the last years all the other members are blond and changing depending the song and the bunny turns from blue to white depending the season… the music intended for animals and children had also develop in electronic mental k hole melodically as well as distorted.

Sara Glaxia was raised by a pack of wolfs by the fire with an owl by the transparent moon; she entered the circus and worked as an acrobat and dragon, where she learned how to fly and count numbers backwards infinitely, there she started her artistic career.


Princess Alien by Sarabeth Stroller

At age 21 enrolled to work at the Pettibon art factory where she earned the skills of diving and breeding underwater and after few years of swimming inwards she remained in the bottom of the ocean, the mermaids told her stories about hot boys surfing on speedos…

Sara Glaxia tried to get to shore when a sea warm had caught her and spit her out to the sky, she flew far enough to get absorbed by a black hole where she entered this dimension and lives now in a parallel reality, with borrowed memories and delicious food by the chrystal lake with the birds that tweet billion variations of lullabies, day and night, tight and clear the gaze of a sight, she stands on top of a crumbled sand castle with a rainbow shield and mirror sunglasses looking to the future