The videos of Karin Ferrari’s webseries DECODING (THE WHOLE TRUTH) reveal hidden messages in music videos and TV Clips. According to her interpretation Lady Gaga’s music video Bad Romance shows the initiation of the singer, the music video Atlantis by Azealia Banks shows how the geological history of the earth and the origin and collapse of modern capitalism form a traumatic megasystem. Katy Perry’s Dark Horse is the encoded depiction of the archaic ritual magic an occult elite uses to secure its power and the role that the celebrity star plays in this.

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The rhetorical form of DECODING Katy Perry’s Dark Horse (THE WHOLE TRUTH) by Karin Ferrari, is clearly inspired by a rich vein of independent documentaries on YouTube wich purport to uncover or cor- rectly analyze the symbolic manifestations of major conspiracies in our public life. Set in Memphis – Egypt – and suffused with hieroglyphic imagery, an ultra light pop-music video by the eponymous American star receives a dogged, and deadpan, analysis in a voiceover supplied by the artist. Like the underground media whose idioms it highlights, Ferrari’s argument is by turns weirdly convincing and highly implausible. (Nadim Samman)

»DECODING Katy Perry’s Dark Horse (THE WHOLE TRUTH)« will be screened before and along the set of Superskin.