drippings (selbstportrait) 2015, foto: sophie thun

Austrian based Albert Mayr’s approach is properly described as expanded sculpture, being an artist’s articulation in space, matter and form. His artistic alter ego jonnyhawaii easily crosses the borderlines drawn between spatial installation and sound. (Jakob Racek)

Albert Mayr, in an almost neo-dadaistic way, recycles the iconic fragments of our everyday, common office surroundings: computer screens, CD-drives, networks of wires are being turned into functional objects, gates and doors, fountains and showers, carpets and decorative canvases. Furthermore, Mayr as an enthusiastic and playful innovator, manipulates the sizes, blowing up the dimensions of well known objects, and bringing in an uncanniness and temporary disorientation.


w.t. (Wüstenkaktus), photocollage on paper, 2014

Here, the computer cd-drawer of our standardised reality becomes a gigantic edifice with monumental arch, thus, of course, at the first glance avoking Alice’s experience of the wonderland, but indeed, in a good sense of neopop, criticizing the technocratic hyperworld of electronics and information and a hyper-consumer society dominated by its power. Mayr points out the ambiguity and arbitrariness of things: the ordinary easily functions as extraordinary, the functional as the dysfunctional, or differently functional; the certainty of things and beliefs is suspended, or rather replaced by a will to experiment with the potentialities and flexibility of our choices. (Text by Adam Budak)