Black Page Orchestra (photo © Igor Ripak)

  • Friday 13.9.2019
  • Steinergasse 8
live concert

BPO is an ensemble for radical and uncompromising music of current times, focussing on compositions using electronics, video, different technologies and performative concepts. This year’s program will include a world premiere of ELISABETH SCHIMANA’S “virus #2.5”, MIRELA IVICEVIC’S new soundtrack to PETER TSCHERKASSKY’S “Dream Work”, and “networds 14#2” by WOLFGANG MITTERER with live video by PATRIK LECHNER.



conductor: Yalda Zamani
Flutes: Alessandro Baticci, Iva Kovac
Clarinets: Szilard Benes, Teresa Doblinger
Trumpet: Luis Abicht
Tuba: Anna Guggenberger
Piano / Keyboard: Elnaz Behkam
E-Guitar: Samuel Toro Perez
Percussion: Igor Gross, Kaja Farszky
Violins: Katharina Pavlic, Dalina Ugarte
Viola: Rafal Zalech
Violoncelli: Irene Frank, Urh Mrak
Double bass: Juan Pablo Trad Hasbun
Electronics: Matthias Kranebitter
Sound Director: Lukas Froschauer